Tuesday, February 19, 2008

60 Years of Security

Tonight was Open House at my office. We recently expanded our home office with a new wing which houses our IT, Accounting, and Support Services Departments. I am very excited about moving into the new addition. One of the most exciting things is that I am moving into an office! No more cubicle for me :). Although, I must say that I have a really nice cubicle with tons of space. In fact, I probably have more space in my cubicle than in my new office. I am going to miss my workspace and chair room. It will be nice to have a door though!

Tonight we opened our office to the public to tour the expansion and to celebrate our sixtieth year. A really neat tidbit of information is that the second person employed by the founder of our company continues to work for our company!

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Jamie said...

Congratulations on the new space! Change like that is always exciting. Be sure to take some photos!