Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pictures, Birthday Parties and Time with Family

The weekend of Austin Kieff's birthday party was pretty hectic! He had pictures at Vicki Popwell's in Andalusia on Friday afternoon. We were going to have an outdoor session in addition to his formal portrait session, but rain did not allow outdoor pictures. We have not seen Austin Kieff's pictures yet, but from the art on display in her studio, I know I will be pleased. David would say that is hard to do when it comes to Austin Kieff's pictures. To date, we have only really loved one photographer. She captured Austin Kieff beautifully, but no longer photographs for the public. I think we may have found a family photographer. Mrs. Vicki and her daughter Laura are both super nice. Austin Kieff ran around the rest of the afternoon asking for Miss Vicki and Miss Laura. I am looking forward to a family session this could be seeing her work on our Christmas cards this year! Check out her website to see a sample of her work and the art that she offers. I say art, because she goes beyond a simple background and a flash. I have seen some of her work with families that I know, and can honestly say she truly captures the personality of the individual or family she is working with. I cannot wait to see the results of Austin Kieff's session!!

After pictures we made one last trip to Walmart for the remaining birthday party supplies. I started of in April with a really great concept. Thankfully, we ordered some things then because I did not do anything during the month of May. But, for a last minute throw together, I think David, Grady, Mary Margaret, Jacob, Austin Kieff and Baby Lily did a great job decorating Friday night. We spent a couple of hours decorating before going back to mom's for supper: meatloaf, potatoes, home grown tomatoes from my Nanny's garden...oh, it was wonderful!

We had to keep the boys away from the birhtday cake! It looked yummy and fun...and sitting on Grandmama's dining room table it was very tempting to two little boys who wanted a bite. Mary Margaret picked up the cake for me from Kroger. Not only were the decorations perfect, the cake was wonderful! We definitely recommend a Kroger birthday cake if you need to go store bought.

Saturday morning we spent time celebrating Anna's birthday in Troy. Anna is one of Austin Kieff's friends from school. Then we made a quick trip to Walgreens for Skittles (Austin Kieff specifically said while eating them at Anna's party "Mommy, Austin have skittles like Anna my party." How could I say no?

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful birthday party with friends and family. We could not have asked for a nicer day. Except for not wanting to open his presents, Austin Kieff had a great party. I am not sure who loved the bouncy house more...the kids, the teenagers or the adults! The next post will be full of pictures from last weekend...

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