Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trouble with Blogger...Recaps of the last 2 weeks

We have not updated this week because I have been unable to sign into blogger for some reason. But, now I can so beware...this could be a long one!

The week of the 4th of July I was off with Austin Kieff. We had a wonderful time. Austin Kieff and I went to ballgames to see his Uncle Duke (John Wayne) play. We traveled to Auburn to spend time with Uncle Grady, Aunt Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily. He had a wonderful time playing at the park with Jacob. We concluded the week with a family trip to Cullman to visit David's family. Austin Kieff even had a birthday party with his Cullman Family! Most of our time there was spent on the shores of Smith Lake.

David really enjoys this trip every year. While it is only a brief visit, it reminds him of the summers he spent on the lake (literally...apparently the guys skied from sunup to sundown!). It is similar to the summers my family spent at my grandparents in Pensacola. We would drive to there beach house in Gulf Shores or my Aunt Sue would take us to Pensacola Beach. One of my favorite places to go was Pond Creek...this was my Aunt Ann's favorite.

Check the website for pictures...I have tried to update via blogger for over a week and cannot upload pictures...

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Jamie said...

Ahhh... You just made me want to go swimming and tickle my toes in the sand. :)