Saturday, August 23, 2008

We are still here!

It has been a while since our last post. Austin Kieff has started a new class at school, Sunday School and Mission Friends. He loves all of his new teachers. He was lucky in that his 1 year old teacher moved up with his class to their new 2 year old room. Austin Kieff is officially a Caterpillar!

We enjoyed a quick trip to Auburn last Saturday. Austin Kieff enjoyed wearing Jacob's power ranger swimsuit and swimming in the big pool. He claimed to be Michael Phelps! If you had been in our home the week Michael Phelps was swimming the following are a few common phrases you would have heard, "go Michael Phelps," Phelps for the gold," "I swim like Michael Phelps," and my favorite happened in the bathtub one night after a gold medal win..."I big boy, I swim like Michael Phelps in my big pool (bathtub). Where's my gold metal mommy?"

Austin Kieff also enjoyed the gymnastics. He has danced, flipped and stood on his head more than I can count. His favorite move is, "watch me, watch me bust my butt." This is followed by him stripping down to his pullup and getting a backwards running start to fall flat on his bottom. He has had the most fun pretending to be in the Olympics! He also likes to watch those "naked girls play bolley ball." He is quite fond of saying "they need some close on" (think he has heard someone say that??). Of course this all while he prances around in his pullup!

Well we have spent a lazy day at home listening to the rain. We hope you have had a great couple of weeks!

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Jamie said...

Glad your little guy enjoyed the Olympics so much. :)