Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wondering where we have been?

We have not dropped off the face of the earth...promise! I have been taking pictures of our growing son and daughter, but have not had time to upload or even send any off for printing. We celebrated Easter in Pensacola. We were back down last Wednesday and then back again Friday and Saturday. We really thought these would be our last days with my grandfather (a.k.a. d-dad, dad, pa, Johnnie B). He is still hanging in there.

We were so excited to meet Alison (future wife of my cousin Spencer [a.k.a. Uncle Spencer]). Boy is she pretty and SUPER sweet. She seems perfect for Spence...smart, athletic, likes the outdoors and dogs. They even work at the same company in Texas.

Sunday was Caroline's first trip to Sunday School (she has been to Wednesday night service and Maundy Thursday service). In our class we all wrote something down that we worry about. Our worries were distributed to the class. We are all now praying specifically for someone else in our class. If you have something you would like me or us to pray for, send me an email or leave a comment. Sunday we also discovered that I actually know, well am acquainted with, one of the newest members of our Sunday school class. We lived in the same dorm at college! So now there are two surprise connections to our classmates [one of the members is from my birth-dad's hometown, knows my cousins and quite possibly is a distant relative according to my mom].

I promise to post pictures of my cooing, smiling SCREAMING baby girl soon [the SCREAMING seems to be related to her stomach and eating...so I am now keeping a food diary to see what in my diet may be causing problems]. I have some adorable pictures of Austin Kieff and Jacob playing. I have some bittersweet pictures of my grandfather and his daughters. Somehow I missed my Uncle.

By the way...if any of you have any ideas of explaining death to a toddler, please post a comment or send an email.

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