Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going to get a wife...

Going to get a wife...that is exactly what my three-year old told us he was going to do yesterday. At first, he did not know her name or what she looked like except that she would be wearing a white dress and he would find her at church. Later, her name was going to be "Laura Renee," "like yours mom." He finally settled on one of his church friends to be his wife.

He was a handsome devil last night. He wore a beautiful blue shirt with a matching tie that really looked good with his blond hair. Any girl would be lucky!!

Honestly, how wonderful is it that my three-year old already knows where to go to get a! I pray daily for his future wife just as I pray for Caroline's future husband and their salvation. I cannot wait to recount this story one day...rehearsal dinner toast??

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