Saturday, April 16, 2011

Memory Lane

Took a stroll down memory lane today. I know I am biased, but the University of Alabama has one of the most beautiful college campuses. We showed the kids where I lived during college. I couldn't help the rush of memories. I made some wonderful friends, lost some wonderful friends, lived through some trying situations, learned to study, became a fan of iced coffee, became engaged, worked with some amazing people (on and off campus!), learned to be self sufficient, developed true appreciation for the life and family God blessed me with...all that and so much more during my four years at the University of Alabama. I hope my children will choose the University one day. Until then we will enjoy gamedays and special visits!
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1 comment:

Barbara said...

:0) I've been thinking of doing that myself! Matt and I need to plan a day to head up there. Such good memories and like you said friends came out of my time there! Thank you for taking me back too!