Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The kids and I left this past Friday to go to Pensacola.  We spent Friday night with Nanny.   It was almost 10:00 when we arrived and the kids were live wires!!  All the pictures from Friday are on my cell phone and I am having trouble posting from my phone (they are on FB!).  Austin Kieff and Caroline were all over Nanny...hugging,  kissing and saying "I love you."  It was late when we finally went to bed, but both kids were up super early!  Nanny cooked bacon, sausage, eggs and biscuits.  Austin Kieff was in heaven and Caroline enjoyed her favorite food (eggs) even more so because Nanny cooked it!

We left Nanny's and made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for snacks and drinks.  Then we drove over to Aunt Sue's and Uncle Bob's house.  We were excited to see them and the kids were surprised because I had not told them that Uncle Spencer and Alison were going to be there!!  We followed Aunt Sue to Joe Patti's where we bought some beautiful tomatoes and Georgia peaches (which were delicious!!).  Austin Kieff and Caroline were not too impressed with the seafood market, but the big boats outside were a hit!  Captain Joe's boat had two little dogs aboard which we watched for quite some time.

The trip across the 3 mile bridge and over to Ft. Pickens road was definitely a walk (or drive!) down memory lane.  I have so many fond memories of staying with my Grandparents in Pensacola as a child.  Aunt Ann always took us to Pond Creek which I have always thought was the coldest, most refreshing water around.  Aunt Susie usually took us over to the beach.  We had such fun summers and weekends with our family and cousins!

When we arrived at the Beach House both kids were asleep!!  This was perfect because I was able to unload my car and help unload Aunt Sue's car before waking them up and taking them inside (yes I kept a watch on the temperature inside the car...).  Bedrooms were on the second floor and the living rooms and kitchen were on the third floor.  The views were amazing!  Out the front was the beach.  Out the  back was the canal.  "Water everywhere" according to Austin Kieff!   The kids did great going up and  down the stairs.  They both loved the room we stayed in and had a blast in the HUGE shower.  The outside shower was also a hit for both kids...neither has one ounce of modesty right now, ha!

Sunday morning I had grand plans to take pictures of Caroline and Austin Kieff. Needless to say, it did not happen as I had hoped!  Grady, Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily arrived around 4:00.  Aunt Sue had prepared a yummy shrimp boil.  My kids were super excited to see their cousins!   We spent Sunday night and Monday night at Aunt Sue's and Uncle Bob's house.  There is so much more to tell, but  these pictures will have to do for now!!

My camera fogged up and most of the pictures are blurry...not to mention Caroline did NOT want
her picture taken at all!

My sweet boy!


Spencer's Boat

Getting ready for a boat ride!


Captain Spencer

Sweet Caroline

Aunt Sue waving goodbye!

Beach Time!

Austin Kieff LOVED "sliding"
Sliding-walking to the water's edge and running/sliding back before the waves knock you down

Beautiful Sky

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