Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funtabulous Weekend

Saturday, October 1, the kids and I loaded up to go to Auburn for the weekend.  We made a pit stop to tell David goodbye (he was working the wells that weekend).  The kiddos were super excited to spend some time with Uncle Grady, Aunt Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily.  Austin Kieff said on the way up he hoped we went to a park.  There are several amazing parks within just a few minutes of Grady and Mary Margaret's  house.  We visited two of them!

We stopped at Hardees in Montgomery for a biscuit. It was here that I realized I had left my debit card in my other purse...a purse that was sitting on the dining room table at home! No to be deterred, we pressed onward and hoped to make it to Auburn BEFORE the bank closed!! If that was not bad enough, we were ran off the road by an 18-wheeler. My nerves had about had all they could handle by the time we made it to Auburn!!

I could not unbuckle Caroline fast enough when we pulled up at or destination. Austin Kieff had unbuckled himself and was out of the car before I had my seat belt off! I am not sure who was more excited Austin Kieff and Caroline or Jacob and Lily! They all had so much fun playing together. The boys sparred, everyone raced the plasma cars, the girls played with dolls and everyone enjoyed the parks! Saturday evening Austin Kieff accompanied Jacob to Parents' Night Out at his Karate center. They played, climbed the rock wall, watched Karate Kid and ate pizza. Austin Kieff had an amazing time. The rest of us enjoyed dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The chef was very entertaining as he prepared our meal on the tepanyaki grill. The sushi was fabulous as was the rest of our meal. I think everyone had a great time Saturday night...we just wished David could have joined us!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Do they look tough or what?

Aunt Mary Margaret opens up a Dora pop for Caroline

Wouldn't you love to have something from this truck?


Here I come!

Upside down?

And  the race is on!

This little one LOVEs her Uncle Grady

and her Aunt Mary Margaret!

Rolling down the hillside

The boys

I can do this!

I can if he can!

Beautiful Lily

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