Monday, November 19, 2012

Guard your heart...the stakes just got higher

I was reading and article and the following really stood out...

When we do make this change, we will not think of ourselves higher than we should (v. 3), and our judgments (perceptions, beliefs, conclu­sions, attitudes) will be sober, clear, and accurate. Transforming our thinking can lead us to the right behaviors (vv. 9–21). The right behavior will then lead to the outcomes we want such as peace, intimacy, and oneness. The more we understand this principle, the more positive impact it will have on our relationships.
One of my good friends, Dr. Gary Rosberg, is one of the most spiritual men I know. When I grow up I want to be just like him. Whenever we're together, talk on the phone, correspond by e-mail, or chat after I finish a radio interview on his show, the last thing he always says to me is, "Hey Mitch, guard your heart, brother." This is another way of saying, "Be very careful to protect your mind from the wrong stuff. Put the right things in your mind. Protect it. Shield it from the bad influences." Just recently, after the birth of my first grandchild, Gary's message to me was: "Mitch, guard your heart, brother. The stakes just got higher."

Children make the stakes a lot higher...

Austin Kieff and Caroline are very observant.  They watch what I (and others) do and they really listen to what I (and others) say.  Of course, there are selective hearing issues which I am not referring to in this post, ha!  I am being convicted more and more with respect to the GIGO principle...shows I once made certain were DVRed to watch later or songs that I love (probably my biggest weakness) are losing rotation.  I cannot protect my children from everything, but for the most part, I can choose what and when they are exposed to certain things. 

I am not really a New Year's resolution maker, but lately I have been making a list of things that  I want or need to improve upon.  Making the most of the time I have with them and making my influence on my children a positive as possible is close to the top.  With that, time is limited.  I want to make the most of the relationships that truly matter in my life, not spend endless amounts of time in areas that have little to no benefit.  Prioritizing...hard, but needed.

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