Sunday, March 30, 2008

Austin Kieff Update

Austin Kieff did not have a very good night. I was the Miss Zion Chapel Pageant (congratulations to Lindsey, Shelby, Whitney and Aryn!) and helped clean up afterwards. My cell battery was dead, so my mother could not get up with me to let me know he was not doing well. When I arrived home, Austin Kieff was burning up with fever, wheezing pretty bad and having a little trouble breathing. I asked him how he had been for his Daddy and Grandmama and the poor little guy said "been ugly." Well, of course he had not been ugly, he had been sick and crying because he did not feel well.
Currently he is asleep. He and I were up most of the night. He had a lukewarm bath this morning to try and help break his fever. So far the fever is down to 101.3. Hopefully, it will continue to decrease.
I will update later today if he is improving. Usually after a couple of doses of antibiotic he is doing better. He had his third dose this morning, so I am hoping for a better afternoon!

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Jamie said...

I am so sorry to hear that Austin Kieff has not been feeling well.

Sorry I am behind on visiting your site. I know I am a few days late!