Sunday, May 11, 2008

Austin Kieff and David Update

Austin Kieff is recovering quite nicely. He continues to have a fever and is just a little clingy. He is also pulling on his left ear and crying. I am hoping this is just a stress reaction like twirling one's hair. His home has definitely been turned upside down this past week.

David had his bandages changed today. The burns on his hand are 3rd degree burns. The burns on his forearm are 2nd degree and the burns up to his shoulder are a combination of 1st degree and 2nd degree burns according to Dr. Potter. His case manager called today and is going to meet us at Dr. Potter's office on Monday. She wants to see the burns for herself before giving us the information on the appointment in B'ham. I signed the medical release today so that the clinic could receive David's medical records.

I am a little nervous as I will change David's bandages tomorrow. I am going to have my mom help, but it is still a little scary for me!

On a positive note, David and I are so thankful to all of our friends and family for their prayers these past few days. The cards and calls are greatly appreciated. I would like to especially thank my mom for her help with Austin Kieff and John Wayne for taking on some of David's Water System responsibilities. We would also like to thank our new church family for their calls, emails and willingness to serve. We have not officially joined the church yet, but we already feel like part of the family.

I will try to post more tomorrow or Monday...

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