Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My husband David was in a small explosion at work today. He has suffered severe burns on his right side including his hand, forearm, shoulder, face, temple and ear. Thankfully he is doing much better than his co-worker who was air-lifted to UAB this afternoon. He has severe burns on the upper 25% of his body. His name is David Best.

My David has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor tomorrow and PT afterwards. He will have the debris and skin removed from his burns at this time. We may be looking at a two-three week period of him being out of work. He is not a very good patient…a little stubborn and not much on taking it easy. Please remember him and David Best in your prayers.

Austin's surgery is still scheduled for Thursday morning. The procedures should not take more than an hour.

Thank you in advance for keeping our family in your prayers. We will be posting praises soon, I am sure of it!

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