Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday at the Doctor

Austin Kieff and I spent the morning at the doctor's office. He was so cute saying "I go see Doc Block. Her make me feel better." He has a couple patches that have shown up on his face and is running a fever. We also wanted to have his eye checked b/c he was kicked in the eye on Saturday.

After some blood work and a nasal smear we have two new antibiotics, a new nasal spray and new doses of our asthma and allergy meds. Bacteria seems to be the culprit and hopefully the new medicines will get rid of it! Dr. Block thinks his eye is fine, but if he continues to complain with it she wants it re-checked.

We had a wonderful surprise as we were leaving...Grandmama walked in for her afternoon children's clinic. Austin Kieff took an elevator ride upstairs and played in the chart room for a few minutes with Grandmama. David met us in the parking lot on his way back to work from lunch. Austin Kieff said "surprise to me," meaning his daddy's visit was a surprise. He was definitely glad to see him.

We finished our visit to Troy with a quick lunch at Santa Fe so that he could start his antibiotics as soon as they were filled. He is currently resting and hopefully on the fast road to feeling better!

I have a few new pictures to post and will try and do that soon. I must get to work (via remote connection) so that I can salvage some of the day!

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Jamie said...

Despite being sick, it sounds like you guys had a fun day.