Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Update

Austin Kieff is doing much better. His doctor said we would need to watch him over the next few months as he would be more susceptible to infection as he recovers from the pneumonia. This is the first week he has really felt good.

He spent Saturday in Auburn celebrating Jacob's 4th and Lily's 1st birthdays. I will post pictures soon (really)!

As for the Baby J on the way, she is doing well. I started medication for preterm labor yesterday. Hopefully it will do what it is supposed to and we will meet our little girl in March. If not, we just pray she waits another 6 weeks or so!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. David is going to spend most of the week with his parents. Austin Kieff and I are going to stick around the house. We may go to Pensacola with my family on Thursday. If you are traveling, we pray that you have safe travels!! Regardless of where you spend the holiday have a safe and wonderful time and know that the Jordan Family is thankful for your friendship.

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Jamie said...

Glad to hear that Austin Kieff is doing better. It sounds like you all had fun plans for Thanksgiving. Take care!