Sunday, November 2, 2008


I sent out an email, but there is always the chance that I have missed someone!

David and I have finally told most of our immediate family in person, so we thought we tell our friends and extended family next:

We are expecting a baby girl in March! She was a surprise and we were off to a rocky start, so we have been hesitant to share our news. Our last ultrasound was promising and we are finally getting to that excited stage. I finally purchased something pink last week J.

Austin Kieff is very excited to have a baby sister. He picked out her first Alabama outfit this weekend at the homecoming game. Hopefully we will find a cute Troy outfit at the game this weekend!

I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful weekend. I will be posting pictures from the Homecoming game soon!


Jamie said...

That is such exciting news! I missed the email but I am so thrilled for you guys.

Leann said...

Fabulous news!!!!