Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Update

I am updating from work, taking a quick break, so this will be short. I was officially put on complete bedrest yesterday (can you tell I took that order seriously :)??). However, upon hearing this and my immediate response of, "there is no way," Dr. Logan and I had an extended conversation of why and the effects of not doing it. Since the why is primarily for my benefit and does not do much to help little Caroline, I am not going to follow orders for at least a couple of weeks. This should allow me to be in a better position at work to hand off the remainder of my yearend duties (SORRY Kelly!!).
The good news is that Caroline is doing very well. Dr. Logan will not stop my labor if Caroline decides to come. She did recommend continuing my medicine for a few more weeks if I wanted the best chance of not going into labor. So, I will definitely be doing that!! As for mom, I am in a pretty good bit of pain and swelling something crazy. Austin Kieff said my feet look like balloons. He found this incredibly funny. Despite his insensitive laughing, he did rub lotion on my feet, how sweet was that? He followed it up with a pat on my leg saying "Mommy I make you feel better." How sweet! I just love the little guy so much.

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Jamie said...

Oh my goodness!!

You better learn to take it easy. :)