Monday, August 30, 2010

Funfilled Weekend: Cullman, Zoo and Church!

We left late Friday afternoon headed to Cullman. It was after 11:00 when we finally arrived. Grandmother and Granddaddy got out of bed to see us (probably the two sweet babies below!).

We woke up early and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of homemade biscuits (Austin Kieff helped Grandmother make!), bacon and eggs. We then made our lunch and headed to Lindsey's parents' house. We followed Lindsey, her sister Lori, Ella Grace and Major to the Zoo. We had fun seeing the animals, enjoyed a picnic and even played in the water. Everyone had a great time!!

After we returned to Cullman, David and I took Caroline to a consignment sale while Austin Kieff took a nap. I found Caroline a Christmas dress and Austin Kieff a couple of shirts, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes. Probably the best thing I purchased was a pair of football pants. He LOVES them!!

Sunday we went to Church with Grandmother and Granddaddy. We usually leave before church starts. Grandmother, Caroline and I did not make it too far into the service before heading to the nursery. Austin Kieff joined us a little later. After church we all went to lunch before heading home. It was a great trip.

When we reached Montgomery, David received a call that there was a leak on the water system. It was definitely a leak!! He had to wear his swim trunks to fix it!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

After 11 pm and my kids are ready to play!

Excited to see each other!

Major was a little upset after a brief unexpected swim with the fish above.

Major and Ella Grace

Ella Grace looks after Caroline

Bird watching

Jordan Cousins
(L-R) Austin Kieff, Caroline, Hunter, Ella Grace and Major

Fun craft


I just liked this picture :)!

Waiting for the water to shoot up!

Enjoying the cool water.

Best Buds!

Daddy had to literally remove her from the pulpit.
She wanted to play on the alter. I cannot wait for the
day that she walks to the alter to accept Christ as her Saviour.
These are not in order of occurrence!

After church, Caroline toured the pulpit with Brother Perry.
She just took right to him.

No, she was not in time out. She just decided to sit in the chair.

She loved the rocking horse.

I think I had just told her to be still! The bruise is where she
fell off the bed a week before.

Uncle Chris kept an eye on Caroline...she hasn't learned to sit like a lady, yet!

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