Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy EARLY Birthday Major!

We traveled to Northport to celebrate Major's 3rd birthday. Major is the son of David's little brother Jeremy and one of my college roommates Lindsey. He has an older sister Ella Grace. Our kids just love them! We missed the party because I was working, but we made it in time to meet them at an ice cream social and had a "private" popcorn and present party with Major. Lindsey air popped popcorn for everyone which my family LOVES. I wish I had taken a picture of David and Jeremy sharing a bowl. I must say I was surprised the "boys" made it sharing one bowl...well, it was a BIG bowl and Lindsey did end up popping more!! We had a wonderful visit and left late that evening with birthday cake and cookie cake to enjoy later. We even left with gifts!! Ella Grace gave Caroline some clothes, shoes and a doll while Austin Kieff brought home a safety rail for his bed. Thanks guys!! Missing the party wasn't such a bad thing :)...although we would have loved to see everyone who came down/over/up :)!!!!

Caroline and Ella Grace

All the Kids!

Major opening his birthday present with a little help!

Ella Grace and Caroline really enjoy each other's company.

The birthday boy!

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Lindsey said...

Ella Grace LOVED seeing Caroline's pictures!