Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

 This baby girl sure does LOVE her Papa!

 The Birthday Cake
 The Fairy Castle
 More of the food table
 Lily is about to see how well her fairy wings work and
Caroline was quick to follow!

 Austin Kieff had to play a little ball. 
He absolutely loves playing in the Activities Building.

 Three very  happy girls!!
Claire, Lily and Caroline

 Caroline's picture table showing how she has changed
over the past two years!

 Getting ready to blow out the candles!
Yes,  Austin Kieff is the one  with the basketball.

 Birthday presents and favors for the
Fairies and Lost Boys!

 Lost Boy Austin Kieff the Raccoon.

 Lost Boy Jacob

 Okay, so she was supposed to be a Fairy Princess...
I think she had as much fun being a Lost Boy...

 Enjoying the birthday goodies!  The table was full of fairy wonders!
Wings, swords, candy, jewels, treasure eggs, rose petals,
masks, party blow outs...such fun to be had!

 Deciding what to eat?

 Present time!

 Loving on Grandmother

Daddy, the ultimate LOST  BOY!!

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