Monday, March 14, 2011

M4MM: Happy Birthday Caroline!

On March 13, 2009, at 11:07 in the morning, my precious daughter came into this world weighing 7lbs and 5 ozs. She was 19 inches long and a very welcomed addition to our family. After a very long day, night and morning she made her grand appearance just before I was to be prepped for a c-section. She knew the importance of pleasing her momma from an early age, ha! I will never forget my Nurse Anya saying, “we have let you wait long enough, it is time to take can try one more time Laura, but this baby just isn’t coming.” Well, what did she know? I sat up and pushed once and was told not to move. Dr. Logan came in and a few pushes later there was my beautiful baby girl. I am not sure who was more relieved, me or her Daddy…or perhaps my mom who stayed in the waiting room all night long and then stood just outside the delivery curtain while Caroline was being delivered. She was waiting in the background, praying, hearing the things that were being said that I didn’t necessarily understand at the time, worried and alone. But, I knew she was there which calmed me and I think helped David, too. I will always be thankful she stayed the night instead of going home as I asked!! Yes, Miss Caroline took her own sweet time getting here, or perhaps I should say she arrived on her schedule and not mine…which is very much her disposition today. I should note she took her own sweet time after I was induced…I guess she knew she still had several weeks to spare if she so chose, ha!

Caroline is a survivor, rough and tough. From early on in my pregnancy, Caroline had to fight. She was determined to “stick” around when my doctor didn’t think she would make it. Of course I know it was the Lord’s choosing, but I also believe she was a little opinionated about the matter! She has had a problem with a valve in her heart, bacterial meningitis, the flu each year, and like her big brother an array of other health issues in her two short years. I am so thankful that she has been quick to heal and so far nothing too serious has crossed her path. The Lord has truly blessed her and our family.

Caroline is a determined little girl. She is determined to succeed at whatever task is before her…whether it is copying her brother’s karate moves, trampoline trick or climbing feat…she does not give up. I have a love/hate relationship with a certain look she gets. I love the fact that she has some of my personality in her, but I sure hate the fact that I know exactly what I am up against sometimes!!

Caroline is so loving and easily makes friends. I truly believe she inherited this trait from her Daddy. While I am very slow to attach, she makes fast friends with adults and children alike. Where I am reserved she is outgoing. Where I am skeptical she is trusting. Yes, I now she is only two, but I believe these are key parts of her personality and pray nothing happens to change them. She is fiercely loyal to her family, especially her big brother. She is quick to learn, quick to anger and quick to forgive (much like her Daddy). She is clumsy (like her Momma). She adores her big brother.

I have enjoyed watching Caroline grow and change this past year. I love to take her for a drive (down are driveway, over to the horse barn and back to the house x however many times she can get me to do it!) [not on the highway…just through the yard and pasture]. I love to watch her walk around in my shoes, knowing all too soon she may be able to wear them. I love to watch her learn something new. I love to listen to her chatter, talk on the telephone and read. I love to watch her play in the water. I love to watch her run to me with arms outstretched when I come home in the evenings. I love to watch her sleep and to hold her while I rock her to sleep. I love to watch her lay in her bed beside her big brother or in their “tent.” I love to listen to her pray. I love to hear her say “love you too” or “mommy hold Caroline” or my most recent favorite, “I need to potty NOW.” I love watching the miracle that God blessed us with grow in to this beautiful little girl that I am so proud to claim as mine, if only transiently. I am so thankful he entrusted her and her big brother to David and me.

So as we close out Caroline’s second year, I pray for so many things. I pray that I will be a good mother to her; that she will love the Lord; that she will be generous and kind; that she will have a passion for her Heavenly Father; that she will be courageous and humble; that she will be honest and have solid principles founded in her faith in and knowledge of God’s word; that she will be merciful and just, gracious, compassionate and faithful; that she will be content with who she is and becomes according to God’s will in her life; I pray for her future husband, that God will send her a strong and faithful mate who loves the Lord; I pray that she will continue to be blessed by the Lord; I pray for her to be healthy and to become an intelligent and successful woman…my list knows no end…

Party pictures and full post to come...stay tuned...

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Barbara said...

Well put Laura! Happy Birthday Miss Caroline!