Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

Working seven days a week gets old...even if  you are lucky enough to be able to do some of it from home.  I feel like I have missed out on so much with my little ones lately.  Caroline is truly Miss Independent.   She is so smart and I LOVE to have conversations with her.   Today she told me,  "My mommy is home.  I so happy to see you.  Please no go back work today."  I told her, "Mommy is not working any more today!  We are going to Miss Jessie's wedding."  She says, "her gonna be beautiful." 

Speaking of beautiful, my little ones are so beautiful to me.  I love to watch them sleep.  I love to watch them smile.   I love to watch them play or dance or run or jump or pretend to read a book (although Austin Kieff is doing better and better with reading).  I am enjoying motherhood so much more than I ever imagined.  What a gift God gives women.  Motherhood is such a blessing, whether it is biological or through adoption. 

I was lucky to have the ability to carry these precious miracles inside of me.  I felt them grow and change until it is time for us to meet them in person.  We have a bond so different than that of any other...and on Mother's Day we celebrate this relationship.  We also celebrate the relationship we share with our mothers. 

My mom is a very special lady.  She has experienced so many hardships during her life, yet she has done everything physically possible to spare her children from any pain.  She has felt the pain of losing a child.  She has felt the pain of losing a spouse.  She has endured the pain and difficulty that comes from being a single parent.  She has held our hands and kissed our scrapes.  She has calmed our fears and endured our teenage angst.  She has persevered and through doing so she has taught her children  many valuable lessons.  She is an amazing woman and an even more amazing mother.

Here are a few pictures from our Mother's Day weekend.  I hope you enjoyed spending time with your mother, remembering your mother or just honoring the mother's and mother figures you know!

Lily and Caroline having fun with Bubbles.
Notice the bracelets Caroline is wearing.  They
are from her first trip to the Dentist!

Lily enjoyed playing with stomping on
the bubbles!

The boys enjoyed a little ball!

Caroline is just like her Grandmomma...who
is just like her sister Ann...she LOVEs any doesn't matter what kind...even stinky
smelly fish from a pond...she  wants to  hold, and  pet, and
kiss or hug...I can only imagine the pets we will have
at the Jordan house over the next several years...

Austin Kieff and Jacob had a great time playing ball.
I think David and Grady did, too.  Mary Margaret even
joined in the fun!

My mom had all of her children and
grandchildren at church on Sunday!

Not sure about the expression on Mom's face,
but I could not pass up this adorable picture
of Lily and Caroline!

Perfectly unperfect, ha! 

I LOVE this picture!!

Definitely going to be a favorite, too...

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