Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Today is my oldest brother's birthday.  He was born on Friday, May 13, 1977, one very lucky day for our family.  He is such an amazing person, always has been.  He and I have a different bond, partly out of circumstances, partly because believe it or not we have a lot in common.  We are even both accountants...although he actually passed THE exam!  I was so proud for him.  Probably more proud than if I had.  I will add that I was an Accounting major before him, ha!  I have always wanted the best for my big brother and I truly think he found it when he met Mary Margaret Jacobs...of course I think she did to when she met Steven Grady Williams. 

Grady has been my role model since I was old enough to emulate someone.  I could not have chosen a better person.  I will never understand his passion for fishing.  However, I understand completely his passion for Christ.  His witness has been a strong influence on my own personal walk.    I have watched him endure things that would have broken many.  His faith is so strong.

Grady is a loving, caring husband and father.  His family is as lucky to have him for a husband/father as I am a brother.  He is that husband who sends flowers just because, who plans out thoughtful gifts, who opens car doors. He is the dad who is present...really present for his kids.  They know that he loves them because he tells them and he shows them.

I remember always following in his shadow through school.  As a senior, I thought I had had enough, part of my reason for continuing my education in Tuscaloosa instead of Troy.  I wasn't on campus a week before I realized how lucky I had been to always have my big brother near.  And, if not geographically near, he had experience in what I was going through, facing...doing.   He had maneuvered the same hallways and classes.  Even today, it is such a blessing to have someone who understands my work deadlines, job stress and related concerns. 

Grady is the best friend someone could have.  He is loyal and always honest.  There is rarely an occasion that I see someone who knows him that they do tell me how he influenced them, how much his friendship meant to them, what a wonderful person he is or some other complement that makes my heart swell with pride.

I am so thankful God blessed me in making me his little, sometimes bratty, sister.  I pray we have many, many more years to celebrate together.

I wish I had a really cute picture from childhood to post.  Instead, I will post a picture that captures him in all his glory (and it is not on the water!):

Husband, Father, Brother, Friend
Blessing to all those who know him...

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