Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Early Birthday Austin Kieff!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I will do a "I cannot believe my baby is turning 6" post a little closer to Austin Kieff's actual birthday.  This post is going to just capture a wonderful night with family and friends. 

Some time ago Austin Kieff asked if he could have his birthday party at a Trojan's baseball game.  Anyone who knows our family knows we love all things Troy, especially Trojan baseball.  So, his request was definitely not a surprise.  But, I really did not think it would be feasible to have it during the season.  His birthday is not until June.  Well, a little Trojan magic and big THANK YOU to Mr. Frigge with Troy University and we had "the best birthday party ever!" 

I am not sure I have enough pictures to capture how happy my little boy was today (and I took over almost joke).  But, I will include several (not all 500, I promise) so try to capture this amazing night.  It all started with a specially designed ticket inviting family and friends to Austin Kieff's 6th Birthday Party to be held at Riddle-Pace Field at the May 18, 2012 Troy vs. South Alabama baseball game.  The next step was a custom jersey with our favorite Trojan's number and lettering as close as we could get to a real Trojan jersey.  Perhaps I should back up several months and say it all started with the Adidas pants we had to have like Tyler Ray wears, ha!  What a night to remember. 

Family and friends met at the stadium at 5:30.  The kids were invited out onto the field to watch the Trojans warmup and for a special greeting from each of the players.  They stood on the field with the player of their choice for the National Anthem.  Perhaps the highlight was the first pitch thrown out by none other than Mr. Austin Kieff Jordan (whose name was pronounced PERFECTLY!!!!!).  Catching for #12 was #12 Tyler Ray.  What a special opportunity.  I cannot say enough about Tyler Ray and the rest of the Trojans.  They are truly remarkable young men.  Of course they have some pretty awesome coaches to.  A very special thank to Coach Smart for his one-on-one with the kids.

Here are a few...well

Getting a little practice in before the Big Event

Waiting for it to be "time"

Tyler Ray talking to Caroline.  She had to show him her surprises from
Grandmother and Granddaddy.

Walking to the entrance to Riddle-Pace Field to check and see if
any of his guests were coming in

Bowen and Austin Kieff waiting for it to be "time"




It's almost "time"

Anna and Hudson

Finally on the field!

A little one-on-one time with each of the players!

Austin Kieff loves talking to Tyler.

Coach Smartt and Austin Kieff walking out to the field

After the game with Tyler Ray.  These kids LOVE this guy!

Walking out with Tyler

A little advice from Coach Smartt before his big pitch

Running to the mound


Who is catching for Austin Kieff?  None other
than his FAVORITE Trojan, Tyler Ray!

Before the pitch...

The Pitch
A one-hopper to the plate...he almost got it all the way there!

Exchanging his ball for a signed ball!

Walking away from one of the greatest moments ever

Austin Kieff and Tyler Ray
He could spend every day watching the Trojans!

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