Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look Who's Riding a Bike

From the title, some of our dear readers may have assumed this post would be about Caroline, after all, Austin Kieff is,  as he so sweetly reminded us, six years old now.  However, thanks to living in the country, a very bumpy drive and very few opportunities to ride his bike (insert parents' fault), the poor little guy has had very limited opportunity to ride his bicycle.  I will qualify this statement by saying he has been an excellent bike rider with training wheels for quite some time.  But, as Austin Kieff so boldly said, enough is enough. 

So, this past Sunday after two days of creative pleading and persistent persuasion (insert begging), David removed Austin Kieff's training wheels.  The first go was a little shaky.  Yes, there was a wreck.  The second go was equally shaky.  By the third go he was riding like a pro...well almost!  This mom is feeling a little bad about the delay, especially since it only took about ten minutes to go from "what have we done" to "way to go!!"

Our new training wheel-less bike rider is so proud of himself.  His mom, a little more nervous than before when he asks to go ride his bike.  His dad, a little more thankful that he removed those training wheels that often had to be pushed a little in the sandy portions of our drive!  Sandy portions which thanks to Daddy and Papa are almost all gone!!

Our proud bike rider:

He even does pretty good on the grass!

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