Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Bible School!

The kids attended their first Vacation Bible School of the summer a few weeks ago at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  They had the BEST time...well that is after they decided to stay on Monday!!  VBS started on Sunday night.  We had spent the weekend in Cullman and came were running about thirty minutes late thanks to some bad weather accompanied by safe (a.k.a. SLOW) driving.  When we arrived a the Church neither of my kids would stay despite meeting their super sweet teacher and seeing a few familiar faces (Bowen and Mrs. Jones).  Part of the problem was we were late which had Austin Kieff upset.  Part of the problem was they had never been to the church before and were a little nervous.  Of course Caroline decides on the way back home that she wanted to stay which resulted in twenty minutes worth of tears!!

Monday was a little different.  While, both kiddos were still a little apprehensive, they were super excited to see Bown, Greer and Mrs. Jones!  Austin Kieff was also excited to be in a class with Caroline so that he could look after her.  They shared some really sweet moments during VBS and I loved seeing how excited they were to learn about Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Light!!  Spacequest was definitely an AWESOME adventure complete with some really fun songs. 

Here are a few phone pictures from the week (yes, I did stay each night...it was about a thirty minute drive each way not to mention both kids were more willing to stay knowing I was not leaving!).  Thanks so much to everyone who made the week such a wonderful experience.  From the teachers to the cooks it was a truly wonderful experience!!

Captain Greer

Austin Kieff and Bowen
Austin Kieff was telling me about something he had learned

Helping Sister

The Amazing Jet Pack

Their class

Super Proud!

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