Friday, June 15, 2012

Cullman, the Lake and a Birthday

We spent the weekend of Austin Kieff's sixth birthday in Cullman with Grandmother, Granddaddy,  Great Grandmother, Uncle Chris, Hunter, Mr. Charles, Mrs. Brenda and Leann (mother of Austin Kieff's "other cousins").  It was a nice visit thanks to a three-day weekend!  We drove up late Thursday and spent all day Friday and Saturday visiting, playing and celebrating.  Of course we fit in what visiting and playing we could do on Sunday as well (Note:  there may have even been some celebrating that two noisy, extremely active, million-question asking kiddos were going home...but, I don't think so, ha!).

Austin Kieff had a blast as always with Hunter and Uncle Chris.  I think he enjoyed aggravating Granddaddy a little to.  And of course, no trip to Cullman is complete without helping Grandmother make biscuits (I do not have a single picture of this event that has become tradition).  However,  I believe I may have found a few pounds as evidence, ha! 

Friday morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast (complete with biscuits) before everyone except me headed to the Lake.  What you ask did I do with myself?  Well, I went shopping of course!  I fully expected to run into Great Grandmother or Aunt Vida while on my trip.  I was a little disappointed when I did not!!  I did join the family at the Lake for an early dinner and some fun in/on the Lake!  Yummy grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and Mrs. Brenda's "chicken" pie were a hit with everyone there.   There was also fresh fruit thanks to Great Gransmother.  Great Grandmother always brings something my kids love.  This trip it was fruit on Friday and Saturday!!  Caroline discovered white dipping sauce and I believe Austin Kieff even liked it, too! 

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Lake.  Grandmother made a cookie cake to celebrate Austin Kieff's birthday.  We enjoyed some of his favorites for lunch: hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and watermelon!! Austin Kieff was surprised with birthday presents before spending a little more time in the water.  He even attempted skiing.  However, some unruly visitors to the Lake made this mom GLAD he decided a few attempts was ENOUGH. 

I captured the trip on my are few pictures:

Austin Kieff and Hunter playing in the Lake

Happy to be in Granddaddy's boat

I am brave and I can try to do this!

Of course Caroline had to play on the water, too!

These smiles were everywhere!

Daddy had to prove he could still do it!

Yes, this makes me nervous.  Every. Single. Time.

Happy birthday Austin Kieff!!

Of course we had to finagle a trip to Casa Fiesta!!  Birthday dinner it was.

Sunday, after a yummy breakfast of course, we played baseball before heading home. More phone pics to come!!

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