Thursday, June 14, 2012

Loving My Kiddos

We have several events to blog about, but for just a quick post I am going to document something that I am really loving right now!

Austin Kieff and Caroline are developing the best relationship.  Is it perfect, no.  What relationship between siblings is?  But, they are becoming so loving and kind towards one another it makes my heart melt to observe them sometimes.

Most recently, the kids have been attending VBS at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Well, we know the director and her children...everyone friend potential (...we didn't know them from Adam)!  Needless to say that makes for a few clingy moments for both of my kids who like to know exactly who they are around and what they are going to be doing at all times.  Well, for the most part!

I have watched the "big brother" role in full force this week as Austin Kieff has sat beside Caroline.  He has helped her with crafts, watched over her on the playground and made sure she was okay on multiple occasions.  Tuesday night he even left sitting with his friend to come sit beside her so she would not be alone.  I LOVED having the opportunity to observe such sweetness!! 

The following picture is from my phone and super blurry, but this was during one sweet moment at crafts.  Austin Kieff had just given Caroline a hug and told her she was doing a great job!!

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