Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Opening Day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013, was Opening Day for Zion Chapel Youth Sports.  The kids were so excited Friday evening that they did not want to go to bed!  We had to be at the sports complex at 7:45 (yes we made it...by the skin of our teeth).  It was a beautiful day for baseball!

Caroline was a little nervous during the team introductions:

Austin Kieff came out like a vet:

Both kids (and their parents) were so glad that Mr. Danny pronounced our family name correctly. It isn't hard to do, especially when you know we pronounce the "or" like "er." On a side rant (ha!), I did not choose the way my husband's family name is pronounced, but I love him and am proud to carry his name. We will make every effort to keep in-tact the correct (for our family) pronunciation.  Those who know us and care enough to get it right, we appreciate all the more.  I have a whole other blog post dedicated to this little subject, maybe I will post it one day!

I just love these pictures of Caroline!  She is such a cutie.  I think she is going to LOVE ball.  She definitely loves her pink glove and her pink bat!  She had to a red helmet because it had glitter in it.  The pink helmets were just plain pink with no sparkle!!

Finally putting the catcher equipment he has had for several  years now to good use!  Austin Kieff absolutely loves being behind the plate.  Saturday, he played his little heart out.  He had a good hit each time up to bat and did a great job behind the plate.  These pictures show just how HAPPY he is.

Both kiddos are #12!  Austin Kieff is #12 because of Uncle John Wayne and certain former Troy Trojan Mr. Tyler Ray.  Austin Kieff is wearing his Uncle John Wayne's helmet which also has an in memory of AKS decal making it extra special for him since he is named after Austin.  Caroline chose #12 for the same reasons and one additional...her brother is #12!

Both kids had a wonderful time.  Austin Kieff's team did not win, but they played a great ballgame. 


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