Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picture Day!

As a little girl, I LOVED picture day!  It was a day where my Mom took extra time to make sure I looked extra special.  As the years passed by, I began planning my outfits and fixing my on hair, but Mom always gave her approval.  One of my favorite pictures is from second grade at Leinkaulf Elementary in Mobile, Alabama. I wore a beautiful ivory dress and my Mom rolled my hair on pink sponge curlers the night before.  My Nanny gave me one of these pictures several years back (ours were all lost in the flood) and I hope to have Caroline a dress like this one day!

Wednesday was Austin Kieff's Picture Day.  He was very selective with respect to what he DID NOT want to wear, ha!  We did settle on khaki pants, his yellow button-up shirt (with the sleeves rolled up and ironed down) and Sperry's:

Today is Caroline's Picture Day.  She is not as easy to please, but finally chose a dress her cousin Lily gave her.  After searching for 15 minutes for a hair bow that did not make it back to the bow holder, we found it and she was ready to go:

A few cute/not so cute pics from this morning:

Really Mom???

I am done smiling

Have you taken enough, yet?

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