Monday, May 4, 2009

Caroline Update

No news is good news, right? Caroline continues to run a fever, not eat and is now having dirty diaper after dirty diaper...possibly because of the IV antibiotics and now the two shots of antibiotics she received today. We go back to the doctor at 1:15 tomorrow. If I continue to have problems getting her to eat (as of right now we are still having problems) she will most likely be admitted in Montgomery since it will mainly be for fluids.

She is pitiful. Her arm, hand and foot are swollen from needle pricks and the IV. Both thighs now are sore from the injections today. She has bruises on both arms, her abdomen and both legs from being held down and the tourniquets. Her back is swollen around the three stick sites...she is finally resting after a miserable afternoon...

Here is a quick update on Caroline...

We go back to the doctor at 3:00 today. After over 8 hours under observation in the ER with the pediatrician who was on call we still don't know anything. She had several blood tests and a blood culture. She also had a urine test and culture. She also had her spinal fluid tested. She had IV antibiotics. She is still running a fever and hopefully we will know more after our appointment today.

Thanks for praying!!


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Jamie said...

I am so sorry to hear that about sweet Caroline. Please keep us updated.