Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, with both kids at home and neither feeling well yesterday I did not post an update. Austin Kieff went to bed early Tuesday night which is not like him and woke up around 10 with his face swelling pretty bad. His lips were red and a little puffy when I picked him up from school after Caroline's appointment, but he didn't really complain of anything. At 10 his lips were swollen as well as the area just under his nose. He was screaming that his mouth hurt. We think it may have been a reaction to something he came in contact with at school. Possibly sunscreen because I have a similar reaction when it gets on me. By midday he was feeling much better and quite the handful! He is back at school today.

Caroline is not running a fever. However, she is still not eating well and cannot get comfortable which equates to not sleeping or resting much. Her arm, hand, foot and back are still swollen/bruised from Sunday. Her legs thankfully didn't seem to bother her too much from the rocephin shots on Monday. Between the rocephin she received through her IV on Sunday and the two shots on Monday, I hope they took care of whatever caused the fever so that it does not spike back up. Her urine culture showed bacteria growth, but may have to be repeated depending on how she does today/tomorrow because the nurses were unable to insert a catheter and the sample was possibly contaminated. I will call after lunch and give Dr. Block a status update. BTW it looks like she is getting thrush which is probably b/c of the antibiotics. Round two with that!

Thank you for your calls and prayers!

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