Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Updates...

Pictures will be coming soon, but here is a brief bullet point list of what we have been up to
  • Caroline has started daycare
  • I am back at work
  • Austin Kieff has lost both of his teachers at school (new jobs and school) and has a new teacher named Ms. Amber
  • Austin Kieff has a new pet, his name is Tom. He (we assume) is a blue beta
  • Austin Kieff will be moving to a new daycare in August
  • Austin Kieff loves playing baseball...he can actually hit the ball when it is pitched to him
  • Austin Kieff is having a pirate party this Saturday
  • We went to John Waynes first summer ball game last Wednesday. Austin Kieff loved every minute that we were there. Caroline slept through most of it.
  • We spent the weekend in Cullman with David's parents. We spent most of the day Saturday at the Lake where Austin Kieff had a quick boat ride, swam and played baseball.
  • Mary Margaret has had her last "big" chemo treatment. She will continue to have the weekly treatments and therapy on her arm. She starts radiation next month

I think those are the main highlights...more in depth details with pictures soon, promise :)

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Jamie said...

Whew! You guys have been busy. Just reading all of that makes me tired. :)