Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Field Trip and Bus Ride

Last Tuesday, Austin Kieff enjoyed his very first bus ride and field trip! What a fun time he had and I am so blessed to have been able to share this day with him!

His class visited the New Brockton Farm Center where they participated in a petting zoo and watched a milking demonstration. There was even an electricity demonstration that reinforced power line safety.

Here are a few pictures from the big day:

Sitting in the drop off line exited it is Field Trip Day!

About to board the Bus for the very first time

And their off!

Getting off the bus...I  can tell by the way he was walking that
he thought he was something and such a BIG boy!

Standing by his friend Matthew

Following the leader to the first station

Picking out seeds 

Looking at the cows...up close and personal

Baby chicks!

(phone pics from here forward :( battery died)

Mrs. Jones showing the kids the baby chick's belly button

Electricity demonstration

What  not to do near power lines!

Patiently waiting for the milking demonstration

For the record...brown cows do not make Chocolate Milk, ha!


Class Picture

Listening to the Germ/Bacteria Story

Mrs. Jones' Monkeys

Mrs. Jones' Boys
Brendon, Matthew, Jackson, Ezra and Austin Kieff

Matthew and Austin Kieff
Best Buddies!

The three K Classes

Austin Kieff was so excited that Mrs. Jones drove the bus!

Loading up

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