Friday, September 23, 2011

My Sweet Girl

I talked about my sweet boy and now it is time to tell a little about Miss Caroline's recent "heart warming" moments and a few other things I want to remember!!

Wednesday at FUMC is Chapel day.  It was Austin Kieff's favorite day of the week and is now Caroline's favorite day of the week.  This past Wednesday, David had already dropped Caroline off in her classroom and was putting her carseat up.  He comes back by the room she is in and thinks that Caroline just wants a hug.  Once he opens the gate, Caroline runs past him up the hall.  David, of course, goes after her.  He could not imagine what she was doing since Austin Kieff is no longer in school there.  Before he graduated, his class was up the hall.  Well, when he asks Caroline what exactly did she think she was doing, she responds, "I am going to Chapel, Daddy."  I LOVE it!!  My baby girl loves learning about Jesus and singing praises just as much as her big brother.  It amazes me how deep her love is for and desire to learn about her Savior. 

Also on a sweet note, I love to hear my baby girl announce the days of the week.  She also enjoys spotting letters that she knows.  And I cannot forget to mention that, "A" is for Austin and Anna.  "Anna is Tater Tots sister."  "A" is also for Miss Ashawee (Tate's mom).  "C" is for Caroline and sometimes Carly Jane.  "M" is for Mary Hollis. 

Caroline has moved up into a new class a church.  She loves her new teacher but sure misses Papa John and ChaCha and Miss Lithia.  She is also asking when it will be her turn to go to "Big Church!" 

She is also adamant about what she likes and does not like.  Few things make her smile like seeing family members if she has been away (school/work/etc)...and...I hate to say it...chocolate. 

Miss Caroline is 99% potty trained.  She has had no accidents at school in weeks...not even during nap time.

My little girl is no longer a baby.  Her face is changing...still beautiful, but not that sweet baby face.  Boy do I miss it already. 

Pictures of both kiddos will be posted soon!!

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