Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Sweet Son

This post is purely for me...so that I can document how loving and kind my sweet boy is.  Also, so that I can record some of the things he has been up to...

This past Saturday, I had to go in and work for a little while.  Since it was Saturday and a beautiful day outside, I decided to take Austin Kieff and Caroline with me.  We decided we would visit the park in Elba after I finished at my office.  On our way to Elba, we traveled behind a motorhome pulling a Jeep.  The Jeep was what caught Austin Kieff's attention at first.  Then he noticed the motorhome was hauling the Jeep.  We had to talk about this for a few minutes.  Why wasn't somebody driving the Jeep?  Is it safe to pull a Jeep like that?  Is the driver qualified to pull that Jeep?  Do you think it is safe to drive behind this situation?  Sometimes he is just too much! 

Well,  after all the talk about the Jeep he wanted to know exactly what was pulling that Jeep...a travel trailer like Grandmother and Granddaddy's?  I explained that it was not quite like that, but similar...it was a motorhome.  Well that was that, he told me and Caroline that that they were traveling somewhere and "sure hopes they have a safe trip."  He even decided to pray about it.  I love the faith this little guy has.  He is quick to pray and quick to ask for prayer.  I hope he stays this way!!

Today started off EXTREMELY rocky!!  While waiting in line at school, my car battery died.  This is definitely not something you want to happen when you are at the very front of a line full of parents waiting for the bell to ring and in a HURRY to get to work.  Austin Kieff's teacher Mrs. Jones was the first to our rescue.  She recruited help and even called her husband to see what he thought might be the matter.  Mr. Herrington stayed with us and helped keep us calm.  I had no clue as to what the problem was at first.  I knew my Dad was busy, wasn't sure where my little brother was and David was on his way to Troy to take Caroline to daycare and go to work (yes, he turned around...but my problem was solved before he made it to the school!).  Thankfully the father of one of Mr. Herrington's students had jumper cables and came up to where we were.  Thankfully Mr. Herrington knew how to open the hood of my car...tell me, why does EVERY other button in my vehicle have a picture to tell you what it is for?  Why is EVERY other button/switch/knob/lever EASY to reach, see...FIND??  By this point my BOSS who just happened to be dropping off his daughter came over to see what was going on.  After much ado, our was problem solved, and we pull forward in the line. 

It is at this point my little boy warms my heart.  He simply says, "thank goodness for everyday heroes."  Yes, thank goodness for everyday heroes.  Heroes are not just super heroes from cartoons, police officers or EMTs (like Uncle John Wayne) who save lives.  Some times heroes are just everyday people doing nice things for others...like the good Samaritan.  I LOVE it when he randomly recalls something we have discussed and applies it to a situation...

So, thank you...Mrs, Jones, Mr. Herrington, Mrs, Griswald, Mr. Herrington's student and father and Mr. Brian and thank you Austin Kieff for being YOU!!!

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