Friday, January 7, 2011


Christmas came and went way to fast for the Jordan household!  We enjoyed a spectacular Christmas program at Church that portrayed from the Angel visiting Mary to the wise men visiting baby Jesus.   It was phenomenal!!  The sets were truly amazing as were the costumes.  The only thing better was the message!!!   I was on  the Christmas Party Committee at work (co-chair which means I am heading up the committee next year...).  We had a great party for employees after work on Friday the 17th.   The kids had their parties at school the same day and  then we went to the Karate party as a family.  We  definitely had a good time everywhere we went!  The next week was a gathering of our Sunday School class.  It was a nice night out with free nursery for the kiddos!  The 23rd we went to Cullman so that we could go to Christmas Eve breakfast at David's Grandmother's house in Logan.  We had great food, great fellowship and great fun!!  IT was a short visit as we had to return home for Santa to arrive. 

Our tree Christmas Eve.  Austin Kieff made the angel on top.

Santa came!

Please note, this motorcycle has no remote control!
(for anyone remembering the ordeal last Christmas!!)

I cannot help but think of sugarplums dancing  in their heads...

Christmas morning...this little boy was VERY excited!  In fact,
he did not want to open a single present after he saw the motorcycle.

Both kids love the gumball machine at "the Mexican place,"
so Santa brought them one for home!

Told you he was excited!

Thank you Bubba!!

Chef Caroline

We stopped at the top of Grandmomma and Papa's driveway
so that Austin Kieff could ride his motorcycle up to their
front door!

More presents at Grandmomma and Papa's!  Santa
even left a few here, too!

Caroline's new baby whose eyes open and close!

We left Grandmomma's and Papa's  and returned home for quick showers.  We left for Pensacola as is tradition in our family.  Almost everyone was there this year!   Spencer and Alison even made it from Texas!!  Mike was able to visit, too.  Uncle MT, Aunt Ann and Marty came as did Uncle Stewart and Aunt Sandra.   Of course Nanny was there!!   My parents missed the trip this time as did Aunt Loke and Uncle Tate from Tuscaloosa.  We had a wonderful time with  more wonderful food!!

Marty, Austin Kieff, David and Caroline


Austin Kieff, Amen and Bella

We came back home the day after Christmas to open presents  with Grady, Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily.   We had even more fun and the kids had the best time.  I am still looking for pictures from this day...

We celebrate Christmas with David's family at New Year's.  This year we left on Thursday because I wanted to be home Sunday ( Monday was  the first day of overtime for us).  We had a great drive up and  made  our  customary stop in Alabaster.  It was nice to  arrive before 10:00!!  We went to bed early and had the most wonderful breakfast.  David's mom fixed homemade biscuits, bacon, sausage and eggs.  I think Austin Kieff ate more than he had in a month at that one meal!!   After breakfast, everyone went outside to  enjoy  the beautiful weather.

Caroline and Ella Grace
These girls LOVE each other!!

We do not make a trip to Grandmother  and Granddaddy's
without playing a little football.

Granddaddy and Major

Caroline and Ella Grace

Who do you think won?

Major, Granddaddy and Grandmother (making calls to  let
everyone  know her kids were home and to come visit!)

Caroline and Ella Grace

Ella Grace, Jeremy, Grandmother, Granddaddy,
Major, David, Caroline and Austin Kieff

Jeremy giving Lindsey a spin!  Jeremy has been in Maryland for
quite some time.  I know his family was  SO VERY GLAD to have
him home for the  holidays. 

Caroline had to have a turn on the motorcycle.

Hunter, Austin Kieff and David
More football

No, Caroline was not supposed to have the shirt on...
The outfit actually was an winter white sweater  dress with
a pair of adorable snowmen tights...but, Ella Grace gave her
several things she had outgrown and Caroline LOVES wearing
hand-me-downs from her cousins.  Caroline and Major had their
own game of football.

Caroline and Aunt Judy

Do you  think Austin Kieff made the tackle or jumped on him
after he was already down?  Isn't there a penalty  for that?

Granddaddy and his girls

Major is too cute and so very sweet!  He also doesn't
mind having his picture taken (see  shots below)

After some time playing and a  quick trip to town it was time for another Christmas Dinner!  The food was great and afterwards it was time to open presents!!

Uncle Chris received a giant bucket of bubble gum from
Ella Grace and Major.  He is well known for supplying gum to
all  the nieces and nephews.

Caroline or should I say  Snow White!

After presents we had fun decorating cookies.  All the kids enjoyed eating decorating...

Saturday was game day and time to go home.  It is always sad  saying goodbye but also nice to get home.  We went to church Sunday  morning.  We have new Sunday School teachers and are looking forward to the  new year and class material.  Austin Kieff asked  to go to "big Church."  He did pretty good. 

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Lindsey said...

We enjoyed the pictures. Ella Grace and Major got a big kick out of Jeremy "sweeping me off my feet!"