Friday, January 28, 2011

Flu and Randomness

Sunday morning Austin Kieff was not feeling well. By Sunday night he was running an extremely high fever. We were off to the doctor first thing Monday morning. Dr. Block was booked up, so we saw Dr. Lawrence. After a series of questions, a few pokes, prods and ahhhs, Dr. Lawrence was leaning towards strep. One throat culture later and a rather uncomfortable nasal swab it was discovered that influenza B was making my little boy feel so bad.

You might be thinking, "what about that flu shot he received last Fall?" You mean the one that left a knot the size of a golf ball, caused a rather high fever and left my little boy feeling miserable for almost a week? That flu shot? Well that vaccine, which supposedly provided some protection against A, B and H1N1 didn't do a thing for Austin Kieff!! We hoped it might work this year know, since it did not last year...neither of the two vaccines as he had all three strands.

Tamiflu for all us it was!

So, needless to say Austin Kieff has been one sick puppy this week. David stayed home with him Tuesday while I went to work. Also on Tuesday, Caroline was sent home from school. Wednesday I stayed home. Thursday and today they stayed with Grandmomma. Two words...spoiled rotten!!!

Caroline went back to the doctor today. She is scheduled for several tests on her kidneys next Friday at Baptist East. We were told to be there at 7:00. Hopefully that will be her last appointment for awhile!!

Tonight we are enjoying a quiet family night at home. Tomorrow will be a long day at work for me and hopefully a fun day inside for the kiddos if they are feeling better. If not, good luck Dad, ha!
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