Friday, January 7, 2011


I know I am late posting about Thanksgiving, but I thought I would post pictures none the less!!  We went to Pensacola for Thanksgiving this year and spent the day (David, the kids and I) and the weekend (the kids and I).  It was a wonderful time with family.

Family gathered at the Braithwaite House as is our custom.  For several years it served as the Boyd residence with Nanny and Pa staying there while Bob and Susie were  in New Orleans.  Aunt Susie is back  in the Braithwaite House now and with Pa having passed Nanny has moved to the Penton House on Ten Mile Road.   Holidays aren't quite the same, but the location and hospitality cannot be beat!! 

The Braithwaites (Uncle Bob (from NOLA), Aunt Sue (Pensacola) and Mike (Pensacola)) were present.  Spencer and Alison were unable to make it over from Houston.  The Pentons (Uncle MT and Aunt Ann (fondly referred to as Amen by the kiddos) were there from Seminole.  Unfortunately Marty was sick and unable to attend.  The Lamberts (Grandmomma and Papa) were there from Jack.  John Wayne was working as is usual of late.  The Williams (Grady, Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily) made the drive from Auburn.  The Jordans (David, Laura, Austin Kieff, Caroline and Sally) made the drive from Jack as well.  We missed Uncle Stewart and Aunt Sandra from Orange Beach who just happened to be in Birmingham with family waiting for the Iron Bowl which was on Black Friday in Tuscaloosa (we Bama fans didn't know how black it was going to be...or I guess I should say Blue/Orange, ha!).

If there is one thing we all can do, its eat!!  From turkey to pink stuff, we LOVE it all, ha!  It is always so nice to gather with family.  The men generally graduate down to the Florida room.  Most of the sisters and Nanny stay around the kitchen/dining room unless they  move out onto the deck.  The nieces and  nephews (including the greats) generally sit in the living room or move out with the sisters on the deck.  At some point, almost everyone ends up down at the water.  Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving Day:

Austin Kieff has one of the most vivid imaginations of
any toddler I have ever been around.  He not only enjoys
dressing up in various costumes, but also creates some of
the most elaborate stories I have ever heard.  You never know
who he is going to be or what he is about to do or have
just done...

Austin Kieff and Jacob

Caroline and Lily

Amen and Caroline

Pretty arrangement

Caroline, Austin Kieff (Ironman, Jacob (Spiderman)
and Lily (Wolverine)

Caroline outside

Lily and Austin Kieff...go ahead and sing it moms of preschoolers...
"Down by the bay, Down by the bay
Where the Watermelons grow..."

Lily, Austin Kieff and Jacob playing in the water

Caroline had to join the fun...the diaper didn't last long

Lily and Austin Kieff

Caroline didn't care for the sand too much

Isn't Lily beautiful?

Austin Kieff and Jacob lost their clothes, too

All the Cousins

Mom and Caroline (I was playing around with photoshop)

The Sisters and Nanny
Aunt Ann, Mom, Nanny and Aunt Sue

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