Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jumpstart and First Day of School

Austin Kieff had Jumpstart a few weeks ago.  It a wonderful program that allows Kindergarten students to become acquainted with the school, their teacher and new classmates  in a few half-day sessions before school starts. 

Austin Kieff was excited and nervous.  I felt the same way.  It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is going to "Big" school.  I definitely feel like he is ready.  FUMC Daycare and Preschool did an excellent  job preparing him during his time there.  Mrs. Maxine worked with Austin Kieff this past year and made sure he was ready to start this new chapter in his life.  I wish I were as well prepared as Austin Kieff!  No amount of planning has prepared me for this milestone.  I wish the hands of time would slow down.

I am so proud of the little boy my baby has become.   He has definitely been a blessing.  He loves the Lord and his family.  He is smart and kind.  I pray he maintains these characteristics as he grows into a young man...thankfully I have several years before this happens...but I know, time flies!  Blink!

Austin Kieff is in Mrs. Jones' room.  His friend from FUMC and Church  is in his class!  Several other children he met at Jack in the Box and VBS at Hebron are also in his class!  He had a rough first day at Jumpstart, but things have been great the rest of time.  He finished the first week with ALL purple dots! 

Walking to the Elementary School

Standing in front of the High School

Being a little silly on the first day!

Standing outside of his classroom 

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