Sunday, August 14, 2011


Caroline had her second set up tubes placed and another small problem fixed a few weeks ago.  With David's new job, it was almost impossible to get her to Dr. McQueen's office.  So, we let our pediatrician recommend a doctor in Troy.  We were very pleased with Dr. McRae, although we sure missed Mrs. Paula and Dr. McQueen of course!!  She did great and our experience at Troy Regional was MUCH better than expected.  We saw a really sweet nurse that I went to school with.  Our post-op nurse was wonderful.  They even brought Caroline and me breakfast!

A VERY early wake-up

She was happy

Strapped in and ready to  go

She had her very own room and was given a teddy
bear by a very sweet nurse!

All dressed in her gown

She thought her babies needed to be in the bed

Her stroll to surgery

Austin Kieff and Daddy visited her just before she went back!

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