Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wave Goodbye

Every morning I take Austin Kieff to school.   I love our morning wait for the bell to ring.  We talk.  We pray.  We sing his favorite songs...minus aerosmith (I took the CD to my office, much to his disappointment).  Some days we even get a Bible story in.  I love every minute especially his wave.

We pull up to the very front of the drop-off area so he can walk straight to the gate leading to his building.   Some mornings he gets out on his own. Some mornings he has a little help from a teacher.  Every morning there is this brief pause...a slightly hesitant glance back.  But as soon as our eyes connect there that heart melting smile appears along with the sweetest little wave. He has this I can do anything expression on his face.  He is ready to conquer the world...with only a little reservation at times. 

My little boy is growing up...I pray he will love the Lord with all his heart.  I pray he will do well in school...he is so smart, but so hurried on some days it is hard to focus him.  I pray he loves school in the years to come as much as he has loved these first two weeks.

I am proud to have a little Rebel and he is so VERY proud to be a REBEL!!

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