Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of First Grade from the First Grader's Perspective

First, here are a few more things about what may become back to school traditions at our house.  I am not sure what we will do when Caroline starts "big" school.  But, for now, you pick what we have for supper the night before school starts.  Two years in a row it has been Vic's.  Now, for those of you who read our blog and are not local, "Vic's" is actually Mr. Ho's and "Vic" is actually Vijay!  He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and once you meet him the first time, he will remember your name and all about your family.  There have even been articles written about him!  Sweet and Sour Chicken is your favorite (Caroline's, too!) with extra soy sauce.  So, of course this was added to our order.  We ordered Daddy pepper chicken and I thought I ordered steamed brocoli and chicken with no sauce for me.  Because Daddy was working, we ordered our food "to go."  We listened to your choir music, which has been such a blessing this week, on the ride home.

While preparing to pack your bag, we discovered a slight problem.  Your response totally sums up your attitude most days, "Well, if it gets dry, I use it.  If not, we got other bags.  Just pack me one of them."  You are definitely a glass half full kind of person when it comes to some things...a little anxious when it comes to others.  I am trying to be more like you!

So, the first day from your perspective:

I was on green. I liked lunch.  I like extended day.  I couldn't wait for football practice.

Yep.  That was it.  How disappointed was this momma? 

So before bed, I tried again and got a little more out of him

He sat by Zoe.  He met a little boy named Chase.  He has to raise his hand to leave his seat, talk and go to the bathroom.  He is going to have lots of work to do and "math is still a subject this year.  Didn't we have enough of that last year?" (Totally my kid...we are continuing to have conversations about how important Math is.  His Poppa uses Math everyday and his ability to do Math so well, in his head mind you, is very important to his work.) Mrs. Barron is an Auburn fan, but that is okay because so was Mrs. Jones.  He did get to see Mrs. Jones, but not for as long as he wanted.  He is going to have spelling tests and homework, lots of homework (that is what a big kid [a.k.a. 2nd Grader] told him in extended day).  His LEAST favorite part...NO REST TIME!  Yep, same as last year.  This boy wants his rest time!!

Here is his schedule:

  8:00-10:00  Reading Street
10:00-10:30  Language
10:30-11:00  Tier II Reading
11:00-11:20  Math Meeting
11:20-11:40  Lunch
11:40-  1:00  Go Math!
  1:00-  1:30  P.E.
  1:30-  2:00  Tier II Math
  2:00-  2:15  Snack
  2:15-  2:45  Science/Social Studies

Many more posts on First Grade to come!

After Day 1...Still Smiling

Had to take a funny picture!

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