Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Saturday was Austin Kieff’s first football game! His team played in a Jamboree in Highland Home. I will get the Negative Nancy bit out first so that I can focus on the FUN that was had!! This was our first experience as parents at a jamboree. We were expecting a lot of heat and a little football. We definitely got the heat! The football, not so much…it seemed like more time was spent by the referees trying to figure out which two teams were supposed to be on the field, what direction they were going in and who had the ball than actually playing ball. Four teams played at one time…two teams on the home side and two teams on the visitor’s side. These teams switched up playing offense/defense. It would have been much more organized to allow two teams to play for shorter periods of time if the purpose was to have more teams play in less time than to try to use this format.  Oh well, it was a learning experience.

The success for me was that Austin Kieff was happy…almost giddy he had so much fun. The heat was not really an issue for him because he was so excited to be there.  I worried he might need his inhaler, but he did great!  The waiting for his game to start was a bit tough.  The little guys were so full of energy and ready to play ball.  They really did well considering all the confusion.  Zion Chapel even scored first!  The game ended with the teams tied.  Austin Kieff said as we were leaving: It’s okay I didn’t play long, I am just glad to be part of the team. Proud to be a ZC Rebel and happy to just stand on the side lines. I am sure a little fear helped with that contentment, but this momma is OKAY with that!!

We enjoyed a delicious supper at The Old Barn in Goshen on our way home and were home in time for me to get a little jogging/walking in before settling in for the night.

After practice last night David came home and said, did you know the Coach prays with the boys after every practice?  I did not know this, but it sure makes me happy!  First home game is September 8th.

Here are few photos from the day:

Excited boys!

It was a hug, promise!

Getting Ready!

Ready to go!

On the field!

This was from the night before...they were having a dress rehearsal, ha!

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