Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of First Grade from the Mommy’s Perspective

The day began a little earlier than usual as there could be no more “five more minutes” in the comfort of a cozy bed this morning. Thankfully, our little boy did not have the pleasure of sleeping late during the summer and pretty much kept his same morning routine. Thankfully, he was a little easier to rouse this morning. Excitement coupled with a tummy ache made for a quick “up and at ‘em” kind of morning.

Just as he chose his back to school supper last night, he chose his first day of school breakfast this morning. Pancakes were the breakfast of choice this morning. “I believe I will take pancakes for my breakfast this morning. Syrup on the side please.” We made a deal, he could put his pants on and lay back in the bed while I fixed his breakfast. Oh, the moments when he is not quite awake and I catch just a glimpse of my baby boy…I just love it…and I know these glimpses are almost over. I will look at him and remember when he was a First Grader…He has already changed so much. First Grade. As I have said many times before, where did the time go?

Each year I want to document something for the kids about the first day of school.  Here is a little of my journaling about the first day of school:
We stopped at the end of the drive for an official First Day of School Picture. I think this will be our spot. Even when we build one day, I think we will come to this spot for a picture. I love it. We said our prayer and talked about all the day would hold. We listened to music, sang and clapped. I delivered final instructions, told you I love you and a lady opened the door. You were rushed out, but not before I told you I love you one more time and to have a wonderful day! First Grade. Wow.

On the way to work, I worried. Your tummy hurt most of the day yesterday. You woke up with it last night hurting and complained first thing this morning.  I cannot wait to talk to you this afternoon and obtain the information for our next post - First Day of First Grade from Austin Kieff's Perspective. 

Stay Tuned...

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