Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Day 2

What a week! My one goal was to make some lasting memories for my kids, memories like I have of summer vacation spent in Pensacola. I truly think this goal was achieved. Our day-by-day: Day 2

Sunday, July 1, 2012, was to be spent taking Nanny to Three Rivers Baptist Church, visiting and relaxing while we waited for Daddy to arrive. Getting two kids, who stayed up way past their bedtime were too excited to sleep because so much vacation excitement, ready for Church Sunday morning proved to be a little bit of a chore. But, believe it or not, we arrive at Nanny’s house, 30 minutes across town, on time. Well, “on time” for what we thought was the start of Worship Service. However, about ten minutes from Nanny’s house we discovered that Worship Service actually started in oh ten minutes!! Being late did not deter us from our plans. We escorted Nanny to Three Rivers Baptist Church, where we arrived fashionably late and made a grand entrance, ha! Thankfully, they were having a special July 4th service and we arrived during the special music program so there was not really an interruption!! The pastor and his wife were so excited to see Nanny and Nanny was so happy to be there. I was just thankful to spend Sunday morning in Church with my Nanny. Service was followed by a potluck lunch…yum!

We could not leave Seminole, Alabama without paying Aunt Ann (also known as Amen) and Uncle M.T. (called Uncle T by Caroline) a visit. We officially met Pal who is the most adorable and loving little dog, I mean family member. The kids had so much fun playing with Aunt Ann, Uncle M.T. and of course Pal! We couldn’t leave Aunt Ann’s without a prize…that violates some longstanding rule, right? Well the kids each had a banana and I left with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and a few hot peppers for David. I have such fond memories of going to Aunt Ann’s house (which is where Nanny lives now) when I was a child. She always had a prize drawer full of the best cereal prizes and toys she picked up here in there. Uncle M.T. always supplied cool pens and order books to play office. They are the same with my kids. There is always a prize, a toy and SO MUCH love!

Nanny was not feeling well so we dropped her off at her house before heading back to change clothes and spend a little time in the…WATER! I didn’t realize how bad Nanny felt until later in the week :(.  Once back at the Bayou House we changed our clothes and had a snack.  It seems like when we are on vacation these kids are ALWAYS hungry!

I forgot to mention that on the way back from Nanny's on Saturday evening we did a little exploring and discovered Perdido Kids Park.  We literally just did a drive by to check it out before calling it a day.  But, on Sunday after some time in the water we decided it was time to pay the park a real visit!

So back to the WATER...the kids packed there things in the wagon and were ready to spend the afternoon playing!!  And, boy did they play!  We swam, we built sand castles, we caught minnows and tried to catch blue crabs.  We searched for hermit crabs.  We watched the birds and the jets.  We had a WONDERFUL time together!!

We played in the water for a couple of hours before deciding to change out of swimsuits and try out that park we found.  What. A. Park.  Perdido Kids Park is an awesome place take children of all ages to play.  There is a Big Kid area and Tot area.  There are misters that are fun for children and nice for adults if you are just a little hot.  The kids of course made quick friends of other children there...Austin met a sweet little girl and Caroline met a mischievous little boy! 

After leaving the park, since we did not have anywhere we had to be, we took a right towards the water instead of heading back to the Bayou House.  Well, what did we discover but Big Lagoon Park!  The super friendly Park Ranger gave us a free pass to tour the park before sunset (well 8:00).  Another place was added to our "places to visit while on vacation" list!

We made a quick trip to Publix before heading back to the Bayou House.  It was almost time for Daddy to arrive and our family time to officially begin!!

Here are a few pictures:

Caroline before church

Austin Kieff on our way to church

Playing in the water AT LAST!

Hot and read to play...not take pictures!

Future Blue Angel Pilot

My busy bee

My wall climber

Big Lagoon Park

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