Sunday, February 6, 2011


Caroline did great during her tests Friday! We left home very early because of the weather and Caroline's appointment was at 7:00. I thought she would sleep the entire way. I could not have been MORE wrong!! She chatted the whole way to Montgomery. She told me several times "Caroline no go doctor today."

When arrived it was still raining and we had to park a little ways from the outpatient entrance. Caroline thought it was so much fun to hide under her blanket and run to the door. She actually squealed she was having so much fun peaking out and getting wet then ducking back under her blanket.

We entered the outpatient registration are and she clammed up a little. She was not sure about this place at all. I will say that even though the room was packed we were only there long enough to sign our paperwork and receive our identification bracelets. Caroline loved our matching bracelets!! We went on over to the radiology waiting area and sat by the window. We played "I see a ___, do you see a ___.

We watched people coming and going and really had a good time together. When Caroline was called back she was given a warm flannel gown, a warmed blanket and an adorable Teddy bear. She did great during the preliminary films. She even said cheese for the camera, ha! A pediatric nurse came to insert the catheter. Caroline told her "please no do that," and looked at me with sweetest little expression and said "Caroline said PLLEEAASSSEEEE NO DO THAT!" Unfortunately the task had to be completed and the waterworks began. The staff was wonderful and we could not have asked for a nicer doctor. If you have a choice, we strongly recommend Baptist East and Dr. Lequire.

After the xrays with and without the contrast medium Dr. Lequire asked Caroline to go tee tee. She responded, "no, Caroline go potty!" After much pleading she finally went and the procedure was over. She even went potty in the bathroom afterwards telling the ladies "see I big girl."

Next was the ultrasound which just happened to be performed by a sweet lady I met while pregnant with Caroline. On the oh so many admissions for observation after scheduled appointments she always performed my ultrasounds! It was great to see her and she was so good with Caroline.

Of course we had to get a prize and Caroline picked out a talking baby doll. We hope to have results Monday or Tuesday!! Thanks for the prayers and calls!
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