Thursday, February 3, 2011


Warning, this is another "mainly for mommy post!"

Caroline is growing so fast and getting smarter everyday. I am constantly amazed at the things she says and does. Here are a few of her latest sentences:

Caroline's mommy's beautiful baby. Caroline miss you. Come here now. Come here please. I take bath now. Caroline go tee tee. Caroline's tummys talking. Mommy pretty. Come play with me. Let's play kitchen. Brrrr I think its cold. Sally no do that. Bubba sleeping. I call grandmomma. I talk nanny on phone. I help cook supper. I help clean up. Caroline color this. Mommy go work. Mommy lay back down. Mommy need kisses.

One of my favorites: Jesus love Caroline.

So, yes, I realize it is a lot of third person. She will learn to speak correctly soon enough. I am cherishing every moment of watching her grow and reach developmental milestones. Last night I asked her what color her shirt was. Caroline said, "my shirt brown shirt shirt shirt shirt yellow shirt pink...well it was yellow. I was just impressed she responded with so many different colors. Sometimes I catch her counting or saying her ABCs while she is playing. I LOVE it!
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