Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Sweet Babies

This post is purely for me so that hopefully during those turbulent teen years up ahead I will remember how sweet and sincere my children can be! I am thankful those years are not in the near future!! However, I know it will only be a blink ...

Last night, out of nowhere Austin Kieff wraps his arms around me and says, "you know what? You're the bestest momma in the whole world!" I absolutely love these proclamations!! He often inserts "momma," "daddy" and "sister" in that statement. And, he says it with such sincerity. Austin Kieff is definitely a loving child.

Here lately he has been singing songs. I should note that these are original songs about whatever is on his heart. Last night we were laying in the bed singing songs that my grandfather sang to me. They were mostly old hymns. Austin Kieff proceeded to tell me about "singing to his little brother George Strait while GS sat on" his knee. His song was about Jesus being sent from Heaven to earth to die on the cross for our sins. He sang of God's love and of loving God. His words were such honest praise!

I cannot leave out Caroline who is just a little doll right now. Last night as she was almost asleep she sat up and said, "I tee tee. I tee tee, right now." Side note, "right now" is one of her new phrases that I don't like very much!! I honestly thought she had wet her diaper and that running to the bathroom was just to strip and throw the diaper away (she loves to do that). She was...DRY!! And, she used her potty like a big girl. She is definitely my sweet Caroline ...she likes to tell you that, too..."I sweet" or "Caroline sweet." But the sweetest words are accompanied by a full throttle run from across the living room into my arms each evening, "I love you mommy" or " I miss you mommy."

Her latest thing is to say "hey (insert name) until our whole household has said "hey Caroline." We do this multiple times per day! She also likes to kiss you with sweetest little smack.

Even though as AKJ noted, my "mommy job don't pay the bills," I sure do LOVE it!
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