Sunday, June 5, 2011

Almost 5 - First Birthday

I thought it would be fun to "relive" Austin Kieff's first five years by sharing pictures from each of his birthday parties.  Here is the  schedule:

Sunday          One
Monday         Two
Tuesday        Three
Wednesday    Four
Thursday       Pictures of the Birthday Boy!

Me with the  Birthday Boy!
He was sick on his first birthday and, has been sick on every birthday so far!! 
We are hoping to break the trend this year...

The first birthday present from mom and dad was a slide/swing combo

The cakes

Zoo themed party in June just would not  have been
complete without a Zoo themed pool!

Thinking about tasting the cake...

It was more fun to play in the icing

Crawling was  still the preferred mode of  movement.
Although, he could  walk.

So many presents for such a little guy!

This Spider Man chair is STILL a favorite.

Austin Kieff and Jacob playing in the pool

He LOVED bats even then...

Daddy enjoyed playing as  much  as  the kids.
(He still does...)

The Cake

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